BPM Handbook – Testimonials

“The practice of Business Process Management has progressed significantly since Michael Hammer and I wrote the Reengineering book. This “handbook” presents the most complete description of the competencies required for BPM and exhaustively describes what we have learned about process management in the last 20 years.”
Jim Champy

“This two-volume handbook, rich in depth and breadth, is an absolute must-have for every business process management professional. The contributing authors constitute a who’s who of the business process world, and the contents provide the most holistic resource on BPM available to date.”
Alec Sharp
Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd., West Vancouver, BC, Canada

“This handbook represents the most comprehensive collection of material on BPM available and is a must for everyone working in the field or wanting to know how to implement BPM.”
Rob Davis
IDS Scheer AG

“The BPM handbook is instrumental for any business leader to innovate and optimize their companies business processes. The holistic BPM approach outlined is further more an essential management discipline to successfully transform business models. It integrates perfect with the strategic alignment, governance, IT and People aspects which complete any companies best-in-class approach for business transformation management.”
Lars Gollenia
SAP Business Transformation Services